5 iPhone Apps That've Been Built For Anyone In Sales

by: Ashok Kesavan |

Smartphones are a blessing – they almost entirely replace your personal secretary and they end up with you on the bed. From the time you wake up all the way to the time you sleep, they provide utility and function that just makes your life better while helping you to work seamlessly and easily.

If you in sales or if the responsibility to sell products or services (including making deals) falls on square on your shoulder, there are certain apps you couldn’t live without.

Here are some of them:

CamCard Lite

If you follow the regular, good old, belly-to-belly drill when it comes to meeting new clients, you’ll end up dealing with collecting business cards. The issue that there’s only so much space in your Rolodex.

It’d be nice to have a way to convert information on each physical business card into the digital format. CamCard Lite allows you to do just that. The iPhone app reads business cards and stores information (straight into your iPhone contacts). It does more than just that, of course. You can group your contacts, make notes on each contact, and even search more information about contacts through LinkedIn.

Go to Meeting

When you are on the go, and constantly spending time on the road, meeting people physically takes your time away from you. That hurts cash wise. Further, online conferences/meetings are a great way to demonstrate to clients or customers no matter where they are located. Is there a way you can do it right off your iPhone? Use GoToMeeting.com app and launch all of those conversations/webinars/training/demo sessions straight off your phone. With Gotomeeting.com’s extensive set of features and huge popularity, you can’t go wrong with an app like that.


It’s time you go paper-free, green, quick, and efficient. Paperwork is a hassle and trying to find scanners, printers, and storing important pieces of paper while out and about is just as ancient as using a sand-filled timepiece. DocScan presents you with a free iPhone app to scan and send even multi-page documents, business cards, brochures, invoices, receipts, and pretty much anything else on paper to a variety of online destinations such as Dropbox, Google Docs, or may just email yourself these documents to retrieve and store later.

Base CRM

A lot of data – ranging from lead information, notes, updates on a sales call, deal, etc. – comes on to you when you are on the move or when you aren’t close to a laptop or computer. Further, you’d want an efficient way to organize and use all the information you gather off a replicated series of sales calls. A CRM works best to help you achieve just that. We are big fans of Base CRM for its great user interface, simplicity, and ease of use. It manages to get a lot done through its iPhone app available to download and use for free.

Enter lead information, record deals, store notes, jot down things to do, view reports on sales, and much more.

Evernote/Evernote for business

Sometimes, not all of the information you get is directly related to sales. For instance, let’s assume you have to travel to another town (or even another country) to meet a client and you’ll find that a map and directions to client location would prove handy. It’s times like these that you’d find Evernote indispensible for your business. You can store all the information you need in little, digital “notebooks” access them offline whenever you need to.

Use Evernote for storing personal information on prospects, directions to client locations, additional information about clients’ business, or even list out the ideas bursting off your head while you travel. Of course, it syncs with the desktop and iPad version too.

What are your favorite iPhone apps that help you walk through a sales process easily? Please share your thoughts with us.


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