6 Mobile Apps Anyone With a Website Should Own

by: Ashok Kesavan |

Mobile apps changed everything. They are the staple of every smartphone today and webmasters along with business owners have all taken to it in a big way. Yet, there are many who haven’t. Or maybe they do but it already we thought we’ll scrutinize the ever-growing list of apps for business owners and point out a few apps that can help any business owner to do better.

According to a feature on CNN Money, which alludes to a research finding from the Ericsson, mobile traffic on data networks has been growing at about 100% in the last two years. Mobithinking.com has more interesting mobile statistics piled up for impact: by the end of 2012, there were more than 6.8 billion mobile subscribers.

A March 2013 estimate by Portio Research, points to the fact that more than 1.2 billion people worldwide were using apps and this number is set to grow at a whopping 30% each year to a staggering 4.4 billion app users by the end of 2017.

Mobile is in. The revolution is on. Here are at least 6 apps that you should pick now:

 Wordpress for iOS

If you run a business, you’ll need a blog. By now, it’s a mandate more than a choice. In most cases, you’d be using a CMS for blogging and the list would be conspicuously unjustified without listing Wordpress for iOS – which happens to be one of the very few iOS apps out there dedicated for Wordpress business users and bloggers at large.

The app is designed to help you create and edit posts, upload images and/or videos, moderate your blog comments; share your location, and pretty much everything you need to manage your blog while on the go. You can even plug in analytics from JetPack to keep your fingers on the pulse.


Evernote is a blessing for bloggers, website owners, and entrepreneurs: it’s the quintessential note-taking app, and note taking is at the very crux of running a business. Since ideas don’t come to us when we sit and lounge or when we present ourselves at our desks, you’d need an app like Evernote to enable you to jot down ideas, while each of your Evernote notebooks can be synced to you iPad and Desktop too.

List your blog titles on the move, utilize downtimes productively and even share ideas with your team through Evernote. Switch to Evernote for business and you can use it the way you want: a document respository, a whiteboard, a shared notebook for idea collaboration, a CRM, knowledgebase, onboarding and training, etc.

Go experiment.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Images pour life into your blog posts. Agreed that you won’t be creating full-blown graphics or use your iPhone or iPad for full-time image editing. Yet, you’d be essentially depending on stock photos or screenshots for making your blog posts standout.

Adobe Photoshop express is the best possible iPhone app to enable you to crop, edit, tweak, and play with your stock photos or screenshots. Speed and simplicity come free with the app. 

Analytics Pro

If we were you, we’d stick to Google Analytics but there’s only so much you can do with Google Analytics while it’s based and you access it from your phone. As a professional blogger, you might just need something more. If so, Analytics Pro is a great app that lets you go as shallow or deep when it comes to all those numbers and metrics that mean so much for your business.  

It actually culls in all the data from Google Analytics and presents you with data you need instead of killing you with information overload.


Developing content for your website isn’t just about writing; there’s also management that becomes an everyday “must do”. Business owners can really benefit from a tool that can help them check out the status of their website, IP addresses, conduct WhoIs Queries, check server status, and much more. iNetUtil is one such app that can help you do all of this and more while on the move.

Pick CRM. Find the App

If you are in business, your sales pipeline determines how well you are going to run it towards profitability. CRM solutions help you streamline your sales activity. For most of the popular CRM solutions, you’ll find apps that should make it to your smartphone. Meeting a client offline? Enter that client details as a lead. Take notes and record when an online lead turns into a prospect or a customer. More importantly, record every conversation, transaction, and correspondence with your prospects and customers on your CRM. Most of this, by the way, happens on the move.  Our favorites are Salesforce.com and SugarCRM, and Base CRM from Future Simple.

What are your favorite apps? Share them with us.


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