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by: Ashok Kesavan |

Despite the emergence of high-tech marketing gimmicks, email marketing has still managed to be the preferred marketing tool for businesses to reach the customers. While there may be several reasons to its popularity, some of the factors that can be attributed to its success include:

  • It’s a cost effective and easy way to start reaching consumers on mobile without investing moolah on technology and software.
  • Many business owners perceive it as an effective way to stay connected with their consumers.
  • Several kinds of personalization tactics deployed by the websites can easily be applied on emails to render a unique personal touch to each email. This can be used to send product recommendations or shopping cart reminders on the basis of client preferences.
  • Apart from the new customers, it allows you to focus on repeated customers as well.

Business Catalyst (BC) and Email Marketing

The websites built using the highly customizable and robust platform of business catalyst offers enormous benefits for exploiting email as a marketing strategy to your advantage:

  1. Start shooting emails through your website: Get the embedded feature of sending emails to your targeted customers from within your website with just a few clicks.
    Customer Relationship Module (CRM) of business catalyst builds up the customer database at the backend for you. You can create your targeted recipient list from the interactive and easy-to-use interface by filtering the customer data on the basis of demographics, geography, web form responses, past orders, common preferences etc. Once you are ready with your list, you can start sending personalized email marketing campaigns to your consumers.
  2. Save Time Building your email list: BC offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to managing the mailing list.
    You can choose to send the campaign to all the consumers, to the consumers in one or more existing mailing lists or create an altogether a new mailing list. You can also exclude the consumers in existing mailing lists or choose consumers across the mailing lists to build your final recipients list. The duplicate contacts are automatically removed and only one email is sent to each subscriber.
  3. Send thousands of email newsletters at no extra cost: With business catalyst, you can send as many as 10,000 email newsletters per month at absolutely no extra cost or hidden charges. Your ability to shoot out emails will depend on the hosting plan you have opted for.
    With business catalyst hosting, if you want to increase your target audience then you can buy more emails at less than a cent per newsletter. Learn more about this at Business Catalyst email-marketing
  4. Schedule the time for your emails: BC allows you to send three types of emails
    • Sending one off email campaign to an individual list of consumers.
    • Setting the periodicity of sending the email. For example, you may want to trigger the campaign every week to a set of consumers.
    • Sending the same email campaign over and over like daily, weekly or monthly. It also enables you to put the campaign on hold when you want to.
  5. Choose from a host of design templates: With BC you can try several different looks for your email campaign and see what works best for your business. It comes pre-loaded with a wide range of templates covering different themes. You can either go for a pre-defined layout or build your own from scratch.
    The design templates are responsive in nature which means your emails render a consistent look across diverse range of devices including mobile, tablets and desktop machines.
  6. Keep a tab on the performance of your email campaigns: BC allows you to analyze the performance of your campaigns in terms of click through rates, open rates, subscription rates etc. This means:
    • Open Rates: Track the percentage of recipients to whom the email was sent actually opened it.
    • Click Through Rates: Track the percentage of recipients who opened the email and clicked at least one of the links in the email.
    • Subscription Rates: Track the percentage of people who opened the email, clicked on one of the links and took the desired action.
      • Apart from closely following the statistics of your campaign performance, it’s equally important that you pay attention to the email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, mobile phones etc. used to view the campaign. It’s important that your campaign is optimized for different devices and platforms so that recipients don’t discard it before it’s loaded on their screen.
  7. Make your email campaigns dynamic: With BC you can draft more than just a standard email


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