Variable Data Printing

Services of Sabari Marketing

VDP is a major enabling technology that automates the production of personalized and relevant communications, motivating recipients to respond. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales or bolster customer loyalty, VDP offers a more flexible, more successful way of conveying messages with clarity and targeted impact. Personalized communication not only encourages a higher response rate, but is a cost-effective strategy to increase ROI. The market for this high-value method of communication is large and fast-growing; let me help you capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by one-to-one marketing.

Marketing Analytics

In today’s world, marketing campaigns are increasingly more sophisticated and complex. They typically utilize multiple channels and media (print, email, web, phone calls, text messages, etc.), and span over multiple phases (test A/B marketing campaigns, promotional postcards, follow-up email or postcards, personalized web pages, etc.). This can make it difficult to correctly read campaign results, whether you are a marketing executive, or a marketing or print service provider.

The need to correctly decipher campaign results is a top priority for marketers, who are expected to constantly track, analyze and refine in order to improve a campaign’s performance. Marketers and the service providers who support them must be able to communicate effectively in “the same language.”

Cross Media Communications

Cross-media marketing solutions span print, web, email and mobile communications, web-to-print software for ecommerce-enabled storefronts and marketing analytics for the tracking, analysis and refinement of live campaigns. Effective marketers are using print and new media to effectively reach their customers with targeted, one-to-one communications. Offering cross-media communications allows you to expand your business and capitalize on this growing market. Implementing cross-media campaigns enables you to reach consumers across print and digital channels with flexible messaging most relevant to the individual recipient (in content, presentation, timeliness and channel). State-of-the-art campaigns that comprise design, content, interactivity and data integrity guarantee highly consistent messaging and branding across the media mix. 

Marketing Portals

Marketing Portals can bring your VDP or cross media marketing operation to the Internet. Marketing Portals are online, ecommerce marketing centers that can enable everything from personalizing and ordering printed documents, to customizing and blasting e-mail communications. They put the power of personalization in the hands of your customers.